Author1-e1421996547463William Blair founded Infraspect, Environmental Sciences & Community in 1991. The title Infraspect is new to language, invented by the author to create a responsive paradigm of observing human values and systems integration. The author’s initiative is centered on providing insight that is not subordinated to institutional constraints, credulity based empirical abstractions, that may tend to diminish the value of accuracy, fixity and the meaning of ‘inquiry.’ To do this the author established an intuitive audit scenario, weighted upon direct observations of truth, rather than ‘opinion’ based credulity.

The author’s experience as a ‘technical performance auditor’ encompass 28 years of observations of ‘particularistic arrangements’ and ‘universalistic regulation’ of communities, regions and sovereigns. The author’s responsive efforts were stimulated by the unjust and intrusive applications of sophistry, speech encoding, public perception management, deceit, deception, misinformation, disinformation, destructive means common to structured conflicts and controlled oppositions. The author’s regard for the superlative degree of human identity, cognition of the first cause, view of integral universal principles and distinction among attributes of life and aspects of society set the expectations of Infraspect auditors.

Within this prevailing world political moment and the American experience, the author has formatted an approach to viewing economic channeling of services, goods, resources, and treatment of the ‘quality of life’ as an ‘article of commerce.’ The author has directly observed the demonstrations and underlying psychology of a ‘pricing economic system,’ its serial discontinuity and a paradox against to which the superlative natural human identity, natural law and natural societies are imperiled. These important observations of the inclusionary doctrines did not escape the author’s attention, inclusive of free market theology, selling the ‘quality of life,’ treacheries imbedded in ‘debt slavery,’ as instrumented by and through a ‘floating credit exchange rating’ tyranny.

The author’s expressions of universal principles, while maintaining an auditor stance, acknowledged, “The sum of all things is the truth” (2005, Blair). This immutable universal principle, will withstand institutional normative rationale, objectification, sophistry, deception and indolence. The author has established himself as a well reasoned, insightful vanguard for intelligibility, compassion and regard. These attributes of personality qualify him as an ‘auditor’s auditor.’ The over-arching virtues of Liberty are not secular concepts, or judicially invented laws. The author has post scripted many statements with, “I remain at Liberty to make such observations,” with “gratitude.”